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Dinner with Diamonds

Have you ever been to a dinner where you were expecting just a little bit more than what was given from the after dinner speaker? Have you ever been to a dinner and the speaker wasn’t very inspiring? Well instead of world politics or talks on social media, why not ask me, Lewis Malka, to  speak at an upcoming event.

I was asked recently to speak at a Women in Business networking dinner event last month, and the ladies were so excited, they invited the local press. As you can see from the cutting, there was a real buzz about the event, with no fewer than 30 women present. 

Topic’s ranged from: 

  • How to distinguish a good diamond from a bad one.
  • How to start an investment portfolio of diamonds.
  • Where do all the diamonds come from and are we going to run out soon?
  • What is the situation with illicit/blood diamonds.
  • Valuing jewellery for insurance.

And the list went on. 

During dinner, guests had a chance to have a one to one question session with me and ask about repairing their jewellery and resigning or remodelling inheritance pieces so they can wear them.

Who may this appeal to? Would you like me to attend your next dinner? Drop me a line and let’s discuss when I am free. The next time you have a dinner, let me add that touch of sparkle for you.

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